Hey! Hey, you!

Remember when you were a kid and the whole world was at your feet whenever you felt like being the king of it all? You just had to imagine it for a minute and it would become so real, so fast. And so freakin’ beautiful it was, too!

Remember the power you had back then? Not in your arms and legs. No, not that power. The power you had to change the world, to do good or to punish the foe who did whatever evil was trending back then. Or to forgive. Remember that? To forgive and to enjoy that feeling of relief…

Remember the times you would win? At any game you played! Football, basketball, chess or even at any of those nameless games that kids play without reading the rule book. There was no book of rules, yet you were winning. Somehow.

Remember those times?


Me neither, man, it’s been ages…

Anyway, I’m writing again. Because I need to take a step back from the chaos and structure my thoughts in that minute of silence I get before I’m spotted by the crowd. You know how that feels, right?

Oh… there’s nobody here.

Guess I’m still king of this place.

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